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There was time when i thought, the harder it is to get something, the more effort I apply – the more truth and value in it. The idea of getting something in a difficult way resonated with me. Hardship and self denial also resonated with me. I guess it comes from my dysfunctional abusive family, but roots and reasons are different for everybody and I am not a big fan of digging into past karmas and past experiences. I believe in here and now, i believe that my mood and vibrational level right in this moment can change my past (there is no TIME afterall!) and produce a stable happiness for myself and others.

Here and now I believe in EFFORT-LESS-NESS! I choose to believe in effortlessness because my past experiences have proven it so many times. I have had shitty experiences as well, plenty of them actually, more than positive, but now I consciously choose to single out all the good ones, be inspired and live by them.

For example, at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I had blessings like renting a beautiful newly renovated apartment in the overpopulated Brooklyn-NY – effortlessly and at a very low cost. Or effortlessly getting the best-man-in-the-world as my boyfriend. Or effortlessly getting a job without having to send out a thousands of resume or answer the stupidest question in the world ‘why should i hire you?’ Now I know: if it comes to you effortlessly – it is true! If it is hard to get – wrong way! – even if you think you need it badly and without it you cannot proceed. If you need something, just change your beliefs and say: if I truly need it, if this is the thing to enable my progress in life/career/situation, than let it come to me effortlessly, let it happen with the higher guidance, easily and softly, without any trauma and drama.

The main characteristic of the 5th dimension is effortlessness. In this plane dreams are coming true easily and in no time. If you disagree or feel any kind of resentment regarding this statement – major work of removing mental blocks and updating your beliefs is awaiting you.

It was a long journey that brought me to this point, and I am only one quarter way through. I started with detoxing my body (I did a huge research being afraid of getting sick with cancer – it is soooo popular nowadays in America! Virtually everybody is getting sick with cancer or some other bad disease). Along with detoxing my body I accidentally detoxed my mind (well, i guess mind-body connection goes both ways) and miraculously I started to understand things I could never understand before!

I completely changed my nutrition, I started eating only living food filled with enzymes and prana, went raw vegan, mostly organic, did numerous candida-parasite cleanses, meditated, cleansed my chakras, turned my living room into laboratory with jars of fermented foods and kombucha, detoxed, detoxed and detoxed. I watched all the best inspiring documentaries like Hungry For Change, Food Matters, Cancer The Forbidden Cures, Healing Diabetes in 30 Days, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Forks Over Knives, The Gerson Miracle, Earthlings, You Can Heal Your Life — they are such kick-starters of all major changes in life!

I detoxed my overexerted overeducated mind so thoroughly that it took me to the point of digging into breatharianism, changelings and the Law of Attraction (thank you, Esther Hicks and all channelers, you are doing an amazing work). My latest discovery is Tuning In – a great doc with the greatest message of all times, that is a challenge to get, but mental and spiritual challenges are my bread now since I stopped eating grains.

It is a rewarding journey. Traveling this road I get a cleaner younger body and a clearer mind. I will proceed and share here only uplifting messages that cross my heart very often now. Effortlessly I wrote this post after a year of silence and will write many more upon inspiration.

Therefore, let’s create a new reality where we can live effortlessly, get things easily, and make our wishes come true in the most enjoyable way! Only with our proper understanding and quest for better this beautiful place Earth can become our new 5th dimensional home!


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