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Having been living in New York for 14 years now, I got a chance to be exposed to many wonderful cultures and cuisines. I live in Russian Jewish Turkish Pakistani Chinese neighborhood. On Fridays I go to Mash’Allah on Coney Island Ave to buy spicy indian pakistani food. I get fish and herbs from Chinese supermarket, nuts and seeds from Turkish and apples from farmer’s market.

Living in a such diverse environment also taught me that every culture has its fair share of junk food, such as deep fried samosas, pork dumplings and fish balls, congee with MSG, turkish sweets, roasted nuts and others. It is good to discern what I can appreciate and what to avoid in each of cuisines, even though junk food seems very tasty and has immense appeal. In my healthy journey, I have been on a vegan diet for solid two month now and before that I was vegetarian for 7 years.

The sensation of food, so powerful and intoxicating for our taste buds, usually lasts few seconds just like firework. Think about it — each explosion of light and color lights up the skies for 3-4 SECONDS ONLY! Same story with tastebuds! You eat something, indulge for few seconds and then the sensation is gone. And sometimes these few seconds is what makes us dig our graves with forks and knives.

However not only our taste buds drive us into sin. Our habits formed by our social life, TV commercials, and mom’s cooking also play a cruicial role. The main factor, however, our intestinal microflora — yes, the one grown on sugar and processed foods, screaming for more sugar and junk. Our microflora is formed in our childhood with the food our parents feed us, but later on it becomes our brain and dictates us our food preferences, hormonal responces and what kind of diseases we will develop later in our life.

Having spent some time contemplating about food and diets, I came to a conclusion. Any diet promising to help you shed some weight is not a wise approach. Diet should enhance our natural health, strengthen the immune system, and provide food (nutrients, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients) to our little cells to make sure they function properly and regrow and communicate in timely healthy manner. On a healthy balanced an excess weight will go away by itself, as a serendipity.

I have been digging into acid vs alkaline pH balance, juicing, enemas and coffee enemas, detoxification, Omega 3 and 6, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, pancreatitis, Health Care Industry, AMA, radio- and chemo- therapies, pancreatic enzymes, food enzymes, probiotics, junk foods and super foods, food additives, chemicals, fluoride, aluminium, water filters, and lots lots of other revealing stuff. One post is not enough to mention and survey everything I did on my journey, but the internet is wast and open for everybody to do their own research. Below I will share some of the articles, lectures and documentaries that I advise everybody to watch, learn and share on.

Generally, there are types of food that must be avoided at all costs even if we feel young and healthy forever. Everything edible can by divided into the Living Food and Dead Food categories. Dead food does not contain nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. It cannot nourish the body. It does not provide living support for our cells to function properly. It produces disease and stimulates tumor growth. Living food nourishes, revives and helps our body to rebuild and regenerate itself from molecular level up, strengthen the immune system and gives energy.

Our minds are very progressive, we came up with space travel, technology and sciences and stuff, even with processed food that never expires like McDonalds sandwishes! But our bodies are backward, for 5+ millenia they have not evolved a bit. The main inconsistency is that our backward bodies percieves our progressive food as toxins that wrack havoc in our liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs! We are intelligent, but our body has it own intelligence that unfortunately does not overlap with the intelligence of our mind.

Therefore, to better serve the needs of our bodies exclude and forget about:

— Sugar and sugar substitutes except for honey or agave syrop

— Alcohol

— Wheat and other bread like man made substances (pastry, buns, cakes, bars and candy)

— Everything deep fried, roasted, grilled and smoked

— Everything synthetic, processed, engineered, man-made that does not grow on a tree or a bush out in the nature, but comes from labs and factories in packages with a long list of ingredients (e.g. sausages, patty, dry beef snacks, pizza, chips, burgers, cheeseburgers, chocolate snaks, coockies, etc.)

— Soda, energy drinks, canned or packed juices (Cola, Ginger Ale, Sprite, Pom or Tropicana)

— Coffee

— Milk and everything made with milk

— GMO foods such as corn, potato, wheat, papaya, canola, soy, etc.

— Fluoridated water and toothpaste

— well and lets add all household cleaning and beauty products stuffed with weird carcinogenic chemicals.

What is left?

Vegetables – preferably raw


Leafy greens

Nuts and seeds







And here is the list of films to watch and ideas to explore:

Food Matters

Forks over Knives

The Forbidden Cures

Gerson Miracle

Cut Burn Poison

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

King Corn

Simply Raw: Curing Diabetes in 30 Days


Suzanne Sommers ‘Knockout’

Charlotte Gerson all books

Eric Berg

John Bergman

Dr. Gonzalez

Dr. Mercola


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