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imageEverything is energy. The most obvious forms of energy are our thoughts and emotions. The nucleus of the atom consists of even smaller particles that ultimately can be traced to pure energy. According to Chinese teaching Feng Shui, everything produces waves or vibrations, positive or negative, beneficial or harmful depending on our relationship to it.

Feng Shui means “wind” and “water” which are most essential components of our environment. Our goal and source of happiness is to be in contact and harmony with our surroundings. Let’s face the fact: we have never been farthest from the nature as we are now living in apartment buildings in big cities, surrounded by concrete, cars and artificial processed foods. We do not verify our schedule according to the sun and moon movements, by ebbs and tides, we eat apples year round independently of seasons and harvests.

TEACEREMONYIt was not like this before. Life was slower without trains, cars and airplanes. The concept of Time was different. Who nowadays can afford a traditional tea ceremony that may last up to 4 hours? It is supposed to take place in a quiet secluded hut, couple hours before the sunset. The participants drink tea slowly, keeping conversation to a minimum, paying close attention to shadows, sounds of nature such as birds, crickets, frogs; watching cracks in the surfaces, the fading sunlight, the changing density of the air. In our fast paced culture, even if we can spare 4 hours for tea drinking purposes (it’s already sounds funny), our monkey mind will distract us from the necessary calm and concentration.

Our ancestors practiced what we now call Feng Shui even before it assume a shape of a coherent structured teaching. The icons with saints would be always located in the right corner, the farthest from the entrance and opposite from the stove, called the Red Corner. The stove, which was the womb of the house, was traditionally located on the left and symbolized old pagan traditions. Sauna was traditionally regarded as a place where our world and underworld meet. Villages and houses were always surrounded by a fence, symbolically dividing territory into Midgard (the inhabited inner space, ecumene) and Utgard, the outer hostile territory.

In Feng Shui, the map of the habitat is called Ba-gua or Pa-kua. It divides the living space into 9 sections. It is related, that the first Feng Shui master saw a big turtle coming from the sea. He noticed the Ba-gua drawing on her back. Each section had a number and comprised a Magic Square. The Ba-gua provided the foundation for Feng Shui teachings about living space.

According to Feng Shui, there are two kinds of energy. Chi is a healthy beneficial energy produced by green plants, pleasant sounds and colors, such natural phenomena like wind, waves, and sun light. Sha-Chi is a negative energy that comes from stale and cluttered places, acute angles, broken and damaged things that evoke sad memories. Feng Shui advises to organize one’s living space according to the surrounding landscape. Well-being depends on the locations of the rivers, hills and trees near one’s house. Outside energy is beneficial and needs to have uninhibited ways of entering home. The entrance must be open and full of light, welcoming and broad so that Chi may flow in freely bringing peace and prosperity.

Windows must be clean to let light in, clutter removed, old things get rid of, taps and pipes fixed, rooms well-lit and cleansed with incents and beautiful sounds.

What does jewelry have to do with it?

I regard jewelry as reminders. I prefer jewelry with the very same minerals and gem stones that Feng Shui uses to enhance energy flow: rose quartz to stimulate love and romance, dZi beads for luck and prosperity, agate for strength and stability, and other beautiful stones to enhance certain aspects and remind me about what I am set up to accomplish in my personality, relationships and life situation. I use jewelry to feed on and re-change myself with positive vibrations form the natural forces hidden in every stone.

Read more on how to make energy flow inside you and your living space in my future posts. Thank you for your interest.

~ Daria


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