How to Use Feng Shui to Attract Love into Your Life

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imageBelow is the compilation of most important rules on how to use Feng Shui to attract Love into your life. By optimizing your home energy and Feng Shuing your bedroom, you can create a harmonious and nurturing environment that will set you up for romance and send only positive messages to your subconscious mind.

1. Position your bedroom in the farthest right corner from your entrance, in the South Western part of your house or apartment.
2. If there is a straight corridor between the entrance and the door of your bedroom, put some plants or objects such as table or a standing lamp to prevent active Chi from rushing into your bedroom. Chi coming from the entrance way carries a very strong Yang energy that can disturb your relationship.
3. South Western part is called the Love and Marriage area on the Bagua map and refers to the element of Earth. It is ruled by red, pink, white, and earth tone colors.
4. Hang crystal balls on the window and at the entrance to protect them from outside influences and activate positive energy.
5. Avoid the “coffin position” of the bed – the position when you sleep with your legs or head pointing toward the door. Never place your bed across from the door, but be sure to see the door from your bed, such position is called “power position”.
6. Avoid placing you bed with its headboard next to a window, the active outside energy will deprive your of night rest. Place the headboard of your bed against the wall opposite to the door. Such position will ensure better sleep and provide support.
7. The open door must not cut bed in halves.
8. Keep all door closed, especially bathroom doors.
9. No more than one door must lead to the bedroom. If this is not the case, keeping all doors closed is not enough, use screens to block all other doors from the view.
10. Keep closet doors closed at all times. Open closets and exposed shelves are considered poison arrows especially when they are directed in your direction. Like bathroom, closet is the place of Sha Chi, the negative destructive energy, that can affect relationship by sucking out the good energy.
11. Avoid the wall adjacent to the bathroom. Do not place your bed next to the bathroom door. Sha Chi will disturb your sleep.
12. Pull out the bed from the corner to have equal balanced space on both sides.
13. Avoid exposed beams in your home, especially sleeping under those beams. Cover them with canopies or hanging ceiling.
14. Move green plants and freshly cut flowers to your living room. Flowers are suitable for young girl bedroom, but not for a mature couple.
15. Remove TV, computers and exercise equipment, all these produce active masculine energy and correspond to the Yang element.
16. Remove mirrors. The only safe wall to hang a mirror on is the one behind your head. The mirrors can be hanged on both sides of the bed, so that sleeping people are not reflected in the mirror. Reflections create impression of crowd and symbolically invite other people in your private life.
17. Most appropriate colors for bedroom are shades of brown earthly tones such as beige, milk chocolate, mocha, and skins tones such as peach, off white as well as shades of red and pink.
18. Adjust light: bright light brings in active Yang energy; dimmer light such as candles stimulates Yin energy which is most appropriate for the bedroom.
19. Paintings. Best paintings for bedroom are red, pink and brown floating meditative colors of Mark Rothko and sexy flowers of Georgia o’Keeffe. Use artworks with sexy, peaceful, positive energy; avoid portraits, battles, and everything negative, loud, controversial. Use red sparingly, remember, it is a very active Yang color, the color of passion. Use it only if you need to enhance your love life.
20. Remove all pictures of family, friends, co-workers, as well as all paper work and job related stuff. Remove all souvenirs from previous relationship.
21. If you coming out of relationship, get a new mattress and bed sheets. Remodel your bedroom.
22. Firm and steady headboard provides support and protection.
23. Breathing space below the bed so that energy can freely circulate while you are in sleep.
24. Avoid sharp edges of the drawer or other furniture pointing in your direction.
25. Bed should be the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom.
26. Sound: no harsh sounds in bedroom! Listen to beautiful relaxing sounds of Deva Premal and Manish Vyas’ mantras, Enya, or new age music by Ruxpin. Any quiet meditative music will do.
27. Be aware of what you hang on the walls and above your bed: bedroom is not a place for religious images (especially crucifixion) and political statements.
28. Remove heavy shelves, books and canopies from above your head.
29. Open windows in day time to let the fresh air in.
30. Calculate you Kua number to face the right direction.
31. If with all precautions, you still feel tired, move your bed to a different section of the room. Apply tic-tac-toe grid on the plan of your room and check if grids are crossing your bed. Position your bed so that grids are not crossing it and it fits fully into one undivided section.
32. To activate positive energy clean windows to let sun light during day, hang a crystal ball over the window or place rose quartz to reflect and scatter the light; use pleasant sounds, clean and ventilate the space.
33. Clear our clutter. Clutter, garbage, dust, dirty windows, dirty panels, switchers and other stuff slow down the good energy and produce dullness and stagnation. Dull sluggish energy is called Si Chi. People living in such conditions feel tired and all their efforts seem to be in vain.
34. Fix all doors and shelves to avoid squeaking noises and jams. Subconsciously, all broken things diminish our self-esteem and create blockages in achieving our goals.
35. Fix everything that is broken, malfunctions, with chipped painted, cracks, dirt, etc.
36. Have two pillows on your bed even if you are currently single, but by all means avoid seeing your pillow in the mirror. Do not get used to seeing your lonely image, your subconscious will create a powerful impression in your memory. Remove stuffed animals, dolls and ten other pillows away from your bedroom.
37. Create a love altar: a couple of mandarin ducks, rose quartz, hearts and crystals. The altar creates vibrations and works 1). as a magnet to attract love and romance and 2). as reminder to you own self: this is what I need!
38. Do not use your bedroom as storage: sort out things in your closet, remove summer/winter clothes from under the bed. Make more breathing space to welcome a new opportunity or to foster existing relationship with positive energy flow.
39. Use screen to cover up the fireplace if there is one in your bedroom.
40. Use paired nightstands to balance the space around your bed. Pair everything else such as paintings, pillows, figurines, and such. Coupled items send out messages of union and partnership.
41. Size of the bed should correspond to your needs. Remove all other furniture bigger in size than your bed. Nothing should overshadow the presence of your love nest; otherwise your subconscious gets confused on the purpose of your bedroom.
42. Combine white and red colors. White is the color of purity and loyalty and strength. Red is the color of love and passion. Balancing both colors, we balance Yin (dark, red, hot) and Yang (cold and white).
43. Do not place mattress on the floor: balance space above and beneath your bed, let energy flow equally.
44. Bedroom is not a good place for water fountain or an aquarium – move them to your wealth and career corners.
45. If you are using mirrors in your bedroom, make sure they are of a pleasant rounded shape.
46. Mirrors must not cut image in halves, hang it higher or lower to choose an adequate position. Your self-esteem will suffer if you need to bend or stretch yourself to see your reflection.
47. Do you have an extra couch in your bedroom? Move it out. What message does your subconscious receives? You are not comfortable together sleeping on one bed? Not enough space? Different sleeping habits? Is there something to work on?
48. Sharp edges and straight vertical or horizontal lines are considered poison arrows. They send negative energy, avoid them by positioning something in between or cover them up.
49. Do not use too much white. White is a pure virgin color and color of hospital too. Balance it with other bedroom colors.
50. Use heavy curtains at night to ensure deep quite sleep.


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